Take a second to consider everything you were taught and told in your life.You cannot take everything for granted in this universe. Doubts fill our mind and perceptions tend to change.

The theme is based on playing around with these views and bringing out the reality of the facts that we have been taught.

The eagerly awaited talk will bring about a twist in your thought process by making you question the reason behind the simplest of things. Age of the Unknown focusses on rekindling the truth of the basic facts that we believe in.

We as human beings love to explore new things, dive deep and get lost in the unknown expanse. There has been a thirst for everyone to discover and TEDxVazhuthacaud is the right platform for the exploration of the dark and discovery of the truth which will leave your gray cells on a run. It toys around with various fields ranging from cyberspace, art, and adventure to innovation and education.